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The Best Black Movies To Watch With Family This Season

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Black cinema has so many movies that not only make you laugh, cry and everything in between, but they also encourage the family to sit around and enjoy each other through films that were either a part of your life growing up or new classics that have earned their place on your family favorites list despite not being around as long.

If your favorite isn’t on the list, let us know what it is in the comments!

Soul Food – If there was ever a movie that is perfect to watch with your family during Thanksgiving, this is it. Not only does Soul Food have an ideal title for Thanksgiving family viewing, but it is also a very realistic and warm portrayal of a black family. Centered on three sisters, their mother and their commitment to keeping the family tradition of Sunday dinner alive despite all of the drama going on in their lives, Soul Food is so beloved that it also spawned a hit television spinoff.


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The Color Purple – There’s not much that needs to be said about The Color Purple. It is one of the best, most memorable, most quotable films of all-time—and undoubtedly a quintessential film in the black community. You’d be very hard-pressed to find anyone with melanin who hasn’t seen it, meaning that watching it with your family will inspire practically everyone quoting the film’s best lines. The film made stars out of Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg and spawned an award-winning Broadway adaptation.

This Christmas – Though only 10 years old, This Christmas definitely deserves a place on the list of classic black family films. Based on the Whitfield family who reunites for Christmas as they anticipate the arrival of the family’s oldest son, This Christmas has everything you need to keep your family entertained for a few hours, by supplying a generous amount of drama, laughter and some of the best holiday music around.

The Best Man Holiday – Fans waited 14 long years for the sequel to the hit 1999 film The Best Man, and they finally got their wish when The Best Man Holiday hit theaters in 2013. The gang is all back together for this funny yet heartbreaking follow-up that is set around the holidays where tensions flare and old drama resurfaces. Just as the film is about old friends getting back together, watching it with your family this Thanksgiving feels the same –like a beautiful family reunion of some of your favorite Hollywood stars.

The Preacher’s Wife – Featuring Denzel Washington in a rare comedic role, The Preacher’s Wife also has Whitney Houston at her best and singing the songs from the chart-topping and award-winning soundtrack that are perfect for the holiday season. When an angel named Dudley appears (Washington) to help a couple, preacher Courtney B. Vance and his wife (Houston), appreciate what they have and help their church, things get a little complicated when everyone seems to fall for Dudley’s charms…especially “The Preacher’s Wife.”

The Temptations – You know it, you love it, it’s on TV a million times a day and it’s one of the best biopics ever. Yes, The Temptations is a classic black film that never gets old and it’s a must-watch at any family gathering. While your parents and grandparents will remember the songs and sing along, the younger generation will love it because of the endless memes and social media love it receives—it’s a win for everyone. Besides, everyone is just waiting to say “Ain’t nobody comin’ to see you, Otis,” in unison anyway.

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