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Fashionistas: See Beautiful Trending Ankara Styles You Can Try Out in 2017

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It’s good to know you’ve bought the best Ankara styles in the market, but having the opportunity to have it sewn to your taste by creating an amazing Ankara dress, skirt, and blouse, jacket or whichever style you want and satisfaction is what makes the Ankara style much more alluring. Most of Ankara Fashionistas are always in this position as no one wants to be seen in an old and non-stylish dress.

The Ankara trend has been embraced by the world over and is so in vogue right now such that it is not an African only thing anymore!! Some have even called it the Ankara invasion. The Ankara print is one of the top fabrics to watch out for and to some it is a wardrobe staple already. Gone are the days when the Ankara print fabrics were reserved for making garments worn only for ceremonial purposes, now you can get almost anything in Ankara print as they now have a modern touch to them.

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Today, we have compiled different Ankara styles you can come up with and make you look stunning. Check them out below…





Ankara has evolved from the confines of Aso ebi at weddings and church events, to the office, red carpet, music videos, and even as nail polish design. As a fabric, the Ankara is very versatile and many items can be made from it such as hats, earrings, blazers, and shoes, to name a few. Ankara can be beautifully paired with as many kinds of fabric as possible, including chiffon, silk, among others.