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Top 5 Attributes of Successful Event Planners

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We love event planners and admire what you do, mainly because most people can’t do what you do and don’t have the unique skill set required to accomplish what you do every day. Which got us thinking … what do event planners themselves think are the most important traits for an event planner.

Without further ado, here are those traits…


#1 Being prepared and planning for contingencies

 Truly the success of every event is in the details, and the best event planners are also the ones who have a complete system for how they go about preparing for events and that accounts for absolutely everything.

Other mentions in this category included:

  • “Staying one step ahead”
  • “Having a Plan B, C and D”
  • “Foreseeing potential threats and risks”
  • “Confirmation of details and vendors”
  • “Triple check everything”


#2 Having passion for what you do

Event management can be massively stressful and require loads of overtime, and event planners are not nearly as well compensated as they should be for dealing with the all-too-frequent penny-pinching clients. So you better be passionate about your profession and thrive on all the challenges that stand between you and a successful event.

Event planners just starting out need to be aware of all the pressures involved and be certain that this is what they love to do, because it can be hard and trying at times.


#3 Staying level headed while under fire

Event planning is not for those who are quick to freak out or panic. Clients, vendors and attendees are all looking to you for guidance and to set the tone of the event, and those who can smile through adversity and stay calm while scrambling to fix things make the best event planners.

Other mentions in this category included:

  • “Keeping your composure”
  • “Looking and remaining calm”
  • “Thinking on your feet when the unexpected happens”
  • “Being calm and collected”
  • “Patience to put all the pieces together”


#4  Attention to detail

Even the smallest events have hundreds of details, and for large events, I have seen event budgets that spill into thousands of details by themselves. As an event manager, you have to not only track all these details but know when they change and know how one change in one area affects things in other areas of the event.

Other mentions in this category included:

  • “Understanding how the little pieces fit together”
  • “Thinking about all the small items involved”


#5  Ability to listen and understand your clients’ goals

Many people think that a great event planner is one who is very vocal and barks out orders constantly, but in fact the opposite is true: the best event planners are great listeners who take in lots of ideas, input and advice and then act on this. Great event planners also realise that the true purpose of an event is to achieve your client’s goals and deliver the best experience to the intended audience.

Other mentions in this category included:

  • “Ability to read clients and determine their true goals”
  • “Understand client needs and wants”
  • “Giving total confidence to your clients”
  • “Selflessness – it’s about what the client wants, not you”
  • “Listening – to your clients and to your audience”




Source: PlanningPod