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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is invading the Events industry

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly invading the industry of event planning, aiming to change attendee experiences forever. All the modern event planners have no choice, but to follow the thriving innovation and build their expertise around it. Why is AI really so meaningful when it comes to planning an event?

The AI and its role in the event industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to define a smart behavior of machines. The science of AI is, therefore, focusing on devices that can perceive the surrounding environment and take an appropriate action to maximize its success. The positioning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in event industry may be clearly defined: it’s a game changer. With the smart use of AI, an event planner can magnify on attendance, increase revenue, and engage the audience. Assisted by immersive event experiences that virtual reality provides, AI can shape the brand-new future for event organization. All-in-one!

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting the events industry

The AI-enhanced systems impact the industry of event planning in three essential ways:

  • Improving customer engagement. People love being engaged at events: the hype over AR-based activities and virtual reality prove it. Building a good system of interaction at events is crucial because it responds to the key need that all event attendees share: getting information and being able to add their voices to event narratives. The employment of sophisticated chatbots at an event is now taking charge of this. You can adjust AI-based systems to customer service standards and use them for answering the basic questions of attendees or giving directions. Apart from that, with the use of voice assistants, the visitors can receive suggestions concerning the ongoing sessions and activities or translation services.
  • Personalising the event experience. AI can elevate the attendee experience by finding an individual approach to everyone. Seems unbelievable, especially when we’re talking about large events with over 10,000 visitors, but AI-enhanced machines are really doing a great job with intelligent matchmaking. By interpreting data from social media profiles of registrants, AI can make individualized recommendations on specific networking activities, sessions or entertainment formats that will perfectly match all personal expectations. What’s more, AI benefits the exhibitors’ side, because it lets them find out what the visitors’ tastes are, before an event starts.
  • Driving event attendance. AI can be your reliable assistant on the stage of event planning as well. Particularly, artificial intelligence is capable of defining target personas, based on the previous experiences and the objectives of an event. This way, you can sharpen your event marketing strategy and address only the right audiences.

How AI will improve attendee experience

It’s important to approach the use of AI from an attendees’ perspective so that to recognize the whole bouquet of benefits.

AI is improving the attendee experience in terms of giving them space for meaningful interactions. This means that when I walk into the venue, view exhibitions or listen to the speech, I have no question marks emerging in my mind. And event when I do, I instantly get all the answers. Chatbots and targeted marketing turn real-time interaction into reality.


AI-enhanced systems know what a person is up to and what is unnecessary for him/her at the event. Customer-centric up selling and advertising are made marksman-level targeted with the help of AI. Accordingly, AI makes it possible analyzing my preferences and isn’t trying to stuff me with all offerings at once. Since artificial intelligence can predict my emotional responses and decisions by analyzing online behavior, it will give me only the agenda that I truly need.


How to take advantages of using of AI?

Is AI spicing up your passion? Are you dying to ignite your event planning strategy with smart innovation? If you want to keep pace, then it’s definitely your way to go.

AI is impacting the attendee experience now and is going to alter it in future. Therefore, the essential challenge that we face now is taking the full advantage of its possibilities and making AI work for event planning automation.