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8 Stylish Ankara Styles Ladies Can Wear To Different Kinds Of Events

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Events have different themes based on their niche and the purpose of the event. This is why there is always a set mood, dress code, style or pattern for every event. For different events, these elements vary, and we love just how much you can wear a particular kind of dress and shoe or hair to an event. Something different is cooking down here: ankara styles for different events.
Imagine attending a Nigerian wedding and you’re wearing something too casual– no offence, but the other guests would think you’re just working at the wedding or you came for some chops. Well, it’s not totally as bad as you might think, but when you want to get into the groove, you really should have options to select from.
Below are ankara styles you can wear for different events:

1. Company event

Get yourself looking professional and stylish all at the same time.
ankara styles

2. Beach party

Take your African slay to the beach and take photos!
ankara styles for beach house of jethro

3. Birthday party

You can go flirty and stylish to a birthday party. Ensure it’s something you can jump around in.
house of jethro ankara styles

4. Dinner

You can wear this style for a dinner event you were invited to. Also, if your company was invited, you can wear this too.
ankara styles dinner house of jethro

5. Wedding

Take your wedding guest game to the top as you wear this stylish Ankara style.
ankara styles for weddings
Check out different gele and makeup combinations in several vibrant colours. 

6. Children’s party

Is a child having a party somewhere, and were you invited? Then you should wear something like this. It makes your appearance look fun. Children love pretty colours, patterns and styles, so they’ll definitely want to play with you at the party.
ankara styles children party

7. Beauty fair

There’s a fair that includes a fashion show, summit or trade sales, and you want to look stylish. This would certainly look good on you!
ankara house of jethro
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