Amazing Tourist Attractions in Nigeria You Should Visit Anytime Soon

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Nigeria is blessed with beautiful scenes and amazing tourist attractions that are worthy for the eyes to behold. Have you ever visited or considered visiting some of Tourist Attractions in Nigeria? A visit to any of these places would convince anyone that Nigeria actually has some of the most valuable tourist centres in Africa. Whether you’re a Nigerian or a foreigner, here are five beautiful places you should plan visiting on your next holiday.

Yankari National Park

Yankari National Park has become the most developed Wildlife park in Nigeria with a lot of attractions for visitors. The park is famous for its variety of animals available for viewing around the year, though the animals are better watched between November and May period of the dry season when the animals converge around the Gaji River, Baboons, Waterbucks, Elephants, Crocodiles, Bushbucks, Duikers, Warthogs, Hippopotamus are among the animals commonly seen at the park.

Wikki Warm Springs is a famous attraction in the Yankari National Park. It is particularly prized for its warm water. It is available both night and day for tourists who cherish swimming.

The National Park is located in the South-Eastern area of Bauchi, the capital town of Bauchi State in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria.

Millennium Park

Tourist Attractions

The Millennium Park is the largest public park in the capital city of Abuja. It is situated in the Maitama district. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was the one who inaugurated the park that has become kids’ paradise and a relaxation haven.

Location: Maitama, Abuja

Obudu Mountain Resort

Tourist Attractions
Above the sea level on the Oshie Ridge of the famous Sankwala Mountains sits majestically the Obudu Mountain Resort. The temperate climate, breathtaking views, idyllic tranquillity and beautiful scenery has made this resort one of the famous tourists’ sites in Nigeria.

Location: Obudu, Cross River State

Osun-Osogbo Grove

Tourist Attractions

This is the only tourist destination in Nigeria that has sacred shrines, sanctuaries, sculptures and art works that are created in the honour of the goddess of fertility, Osun. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated along the Oshun River.

Location: Oshogbo, Osun State

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The Hills of Benue

Located in the middle belt region of Nigeria, Benue State shares boundaries with Taraba State on the East; Plateau State on the North and Edo State on the West; and Anambra, Enugu, the Cross River States on the South. The entire landmass presents hills of various shades and touristic appeals.

lkyogen Hills exude mild weather condition which ensures steady green vegetation and a round-the-year grazing of animals in the areas which is also known as Ikyogen Cattle Ranch.

Ushogbo Hills in Ushogbo town also offersclement weather condition that makes it most fulfilling spot for tourists and adventures.

Bassa Hills, like the Ushogbo Hills, are worth visiting especially for their satisfying scenery; and Swern Hills are valued for their historical linkages. The hills are believed to be the place for the origin of the Tiv people.

Oke-Idanre Hill

Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

A visit to the Oke-Idanre Hill gives a tourist access to a lot of spectacular valleys that are interspersed with inselbelgs and high plain about the sea level. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has Omi Aopara; the thunder water, Agbooogun foot print, burial grounds, shrines and the Owa’s palace.

Location: Oke-Idanre, Ondo State

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