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Achieving Success In Your Business Starts With Marketing

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Ideas are at the Center

This spring I needed some fresh ideas. My ideas were ok, but ok was not getting me too far. I needed more. My first decision was to work with an outside firm. I really enjoyed the interview process and I took the opportunity to visit several local firms. I took in an incredible amount of information and learned more about how to formulate better ideas. These places did not necessarily have all the answers, but they brought a fresh aspect to this process and helped me shape my thoughts regarding better ideas to work towards.

At the same time, we needed an infusion of fresh ideas from the outside and some new members were brought on as well. It has made for a whole new look at addressing issues and determining proper priorities.

Creating Momentum

This is where everything comes together. I have realized that momentum comes from those who have strong passions and beliefs in people, clients and ultimately the best “marketing strategy” to get there. In other words, it is all about leading. Leadership is at the core of building momentum. I feel fortunate to have transitioned into a new role as a leader at mLab and it is critical to be engaged in marketing the direction of the company to all customers, (internal – company and external – clients, potential clients.

Finally – It is about Being Disruptive

Yes – The word, change is overused and people normally do not like the word because they do not see the return on a lot of change. When change is disruptive, it goes a step further in my opinion. Today, more emphasis needs to be placed on taking our changes to another level. I can point out several examples of this type of behavior in 2017 and how it has led to a number of huge returns.

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