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4 Things To Know Before Walking Down The Aisle With A Foreigner

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So you want to take that big step called marriage, but your spouse-to-be is a foreigner; you need to put many things into consideration, you know. It’s always a great thing marrying someone from another culture or nation, considering the new worldview you would have and every other new experience you’ll try out living with that person. This is why we’d like to let you know some of these things before having a biracial wedding.

Away from the issues of distinct races and different cultures, there are some other things that attract a person to another from a different race. Beyond the colour, they see who the person is, and what they represent. So, it’s not all about colour.

Also, the ceremony looks great when we see different cultures fusing in one ceremony, and you just can’t stop gushing about it. Just like every other marriage, you would understand that the wedding doesn’t tell you absolutely everything about their status. This status is called the ‘interracial status’, and a lot goes on with it.

However, there are some people that’ll like to have mixed kids that look really mixed, and that seems great, doesn’t it?

Here are some interesting facts to know about a biracial marriage:

1. You will both have different ideologies

biracial wedding

There may be some things that your significant other can accept that you wouldn’t. It could be at home or outside.

For instance, in a country where the men can freely peck the cheeks of women, wives may not take that lightly.

However, you are in Nigeria, and that should never happen here. The solution to this is that you and your partner should talk deeply about these things so you can understand each other.

In addition, you need to understand that many foreigners (depending on the culture) often divorce, so you might be a victim of this later on. Save your marriage.

2. Your mixed race children will have diverse practices

Be ready to make your children have different names, religions, practices, and ideologies.

You’re a Nigerian and your wife is probably Asian. You both will give your child a name like ‘Viveck Abiodun Timothy Sinha’ or ‘Wenbo Adesola George Chen’.

Your child is going to prefer one religion, one major name, and one identity later on. Many mixed-race children love to claim both races for the love of their family.

Others do it so people don’t continue to be clueless. Mixed race people always go through societal attention because of the amazing way their skin and hair comes out.

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3. You may not understand their language

Compared to how Nigeria has adopted the English language as the official language, many other countries retain their local languages and speak it to one another.

For instance, Germans always speak to one another in their language, so if he’s speaking to his friend and they’re both laughing, who knows what it is?

Also, if you meet her family and they’re having a ‘German’ discussion at the table, you need to hide your face.

You can only understand it if you had some German lessons in the past.

4. You will learn a new culture

biracial wedding

This would be difficult because growing up trying to adapt to the Nigerian system was already enough for you.

You’re going to spend the rest of your life learning a new culture because there would be the food your partner will prefer, the clothing they’ll wear that you have to match with, and places they’ll love to visit.


Be prepared!

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