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10 Signs Often Misunderstood When Dating

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Dating is great because it improves your social life and, if you are lucky enough, brings you the right person in your life. Regardless if you are using a dating app or a dating site, the most important thing is that you are doing something to meet new people and go out on dates. Sitting inside the house will not get you the relationship you want.

But, speaking of dating, there are some signs that most people misunderstand, which may lead to disappointment, heartbreaks, and sadness if things don’t turn our as you believed. While there is nothing wrong in enjoying the dating game because only by dating you will realize whether someone is or not suitable for you or not, it is not recommended to overthink every gesture, sign, or occurrence, as it may lead to disaster.

1. If your date acts friendly, you are tempted to think that he or she may really like you
Some people are friendly by nature, acting this way with everybody. So, if you think that your date is really nice and friendly, this doesn’t mean that he or she likes you a lot and may be ready to start a relationship with you.

2. Your date seems stiff, acting like a robot, so you draw the conclusion that he or she is not into you
Some people try hard to play nice and make a good impression when dating, which may cause them to appear and behave way too formal. Don’t make hasty decisions when it comes to these people, because they may just need a little time.

3. Your date opens up too much and shares a lot of emotion, so you see him or her as being unstable
Sharing emotions and experiences right from the start is not a sign of instability. Your date just felt comfortable enough in your company to open up.

4. You two manage to establish a strong emotional connection, may be given by something you share in common, so you think that the nature of this connection is romantic and not friend-like
Even if you find out that you have something in common, shared emotions are not enough to make a relationship begin. Just stay friends until you see other signs of attraction as well.

5. Your date is really good at playing hard to get, so you think that he or she doesn’t
want to have anything with you while some think, this game is interesting, the effect may be the opposite of what they had in mind. So be patient if you like the person.

6. Even though your date told you that he or she is not looking for a serious relationship, they choose to spend a significant amount of time in your company so you may think that they were lying
Maybe this person just wants


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to keep you as a friend, so don’t interpret his or her words your way. If they said it out and loud that they don’t want a serious relationship, then maybe this is the truth. Just keep using a free online dating app and meet others.

7. You ended up in the bedroom after the first date, so you interpret this as the first step towards a great relationship
A strong sexual attraction is not the guarantee of a happy and long relationship, especially if you had sex on your first date. Sometimes, sex is just what it is and nothing more.

8. Your girlfriend is cold and pushing you, so you think she may be upset on you and could use some time on her own
Women have a talent at showing the opposite of what they think. If your girlfriend is pushing you away and looking upset, all she needs are hugs and comforting. If you do so, you will soon find out what’s wrong with her.

9. Your date is sending you plenty of messages, but apparently, he or she never has time to actually see you, so you think that their busy schedule is to blame
A person that really likes you will find time to meet you and spend time with you. If he or she is constantly busy and gives numerous excuses for not being able to see you, maybe it is time to use an online dating mobile app to find someone else.

10. After a few months of relationship, your partner starts calling and texting less than before, so you think that they got bored of you
A lot of texting and phone calls is normal in the beginning when you two try to know each other better. But once the relationship settles and you start feeling more secure, you don’t feel the need to constantly bug the other with messages and calls. So, don’t panic, because everything is alright.