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10 Helpful Event Planning Tips And Ideas For Beginners

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Event planning can turn even the most capable person into a ball of nerves. But if you’ve been selected to plan your company’s next holiday party, awards banquet or open house, relax.

With a tight budget, you can still get things done and make a strong impression and get your message across to your audience.

Our helpful event planning tips and ideas can make the process go more smoothly and successfully.

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Planning Your Event

Once you’ve defined the basic parameters, then you’re ready to proceed with planning.

• Make a checklist – Create a checklist to provide a step-by-step guide to organizing and executing a special event.

• Develop a budget – This will provide you with a financial “blueprint” for the event. The budget should be specific and include revenue opportunities (sponsorship, ticket sales, donations, etc.) as well as expenses such as printing, permits, insurance, speakers, food, supplies and security. Maintain good records, keeping track of all income and expenses. Also, expect the unexpected, extra expenses will come up — so plan ahead.

• Schedule facilities – The location and site of your event is critical for success. Selecting a site is more than just finding out what rooms are available. There are many factors to consider, including room capacity, whether you’re having an in/outdoor event, if there are special needs for ramps/elevators, if you’ll need a podium, stage or special equipment, and how many tables and chairs will be necessary for guests.

Go digital & cut down printing cost –  There are nowadays many other alternatives to having printed materials for planning your events and to be used at events for your attendees. This can allow you to save money with printing or limit the printing to what is absolutely essential and also saving some trees along the way.

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• Have plenty of food and drinks – What kind of food will you serve? Lunch? Snack foods? Dinner? Buffet? Sit down? What kind of beverages will be available? Will they be served in a can, punch bowl, or some other way? If you intend to serve alcohol, ensure plenty of designated drivers are available to transport those who may be unable to drive home.

Negotiation is Key –  While staying honest and upfront about your budget, you can negotiate with your suppliers and explore the idea of extending business beyond just a one-off event if it is within your long-term strategy.

• Plan publicity/marketing – Great publicity and marketing are the key to a successful event. There are many different methods you can use to get the word out about your program. Determine who you want to attend and then target your advertising accordingly. Consider supplementing paid advertising with inexpensive fliers, handouts, email messages and word-of-mouth.

Creativity is Necessary – Prioritising your spending to know what and where you can allow yourself to be more flexible and creative about. Also, the more fixed you are on ideas and elements with regards to your event, the tougher it will be to get them according to your budget.

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Reflect On The Entire Event – Once your event is over, take time to reflect back on it. Also consider the entire planning process and the feedback provided on the evaluation forms. Reflecting back will help you improve the event for the next time.

Regardless of the type of, vent you’re planning, make sure it’s meaningful and celebrates your company in a uniquely positive way. This will make your event an affair that is truly a successful business bash!